Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) guidelines were recently introduced for four industrial sectors (textile (wet processing), distilleries, pulp and paper and tanneries) in India.

The ZLD mandate has helped increase the focus of the industry to water which has traditionally been an under-priced resource. However, uniform policy across different regions in the country is key to the widespread adoption of ZLD.Key issue to consider is that this mandate will drive water efficiency measures in the Indian industry.

Lesser waste water means lesser treatment cost and thus improving water use efficiency will have significant benefits especially for industries like Sugar and Textiles industry, which have a considerably large water footprint. It is viable for these industries to implement ZLD at their current levels of water use.

There is a gradual transformation of the way water is viewed in India due to the ZLD mandate. Today water is an under-priced resource in most of the country and toxic waste-water is discharged without much consideration.

This shift in focus around addressing water pollution and scarcity will lead to water being viewed as a shared resource in an ecosystem where polluters will have to pay for cleaning up their waste.

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