Every business entity understands the advantages of outsourcing for enhancing their production capacity and optimize operational cost. With ever increasing business demands, companies want to stay focused on their core business activities and outsource support services to save time & energy. They want to reduce costs to remain competitive and enhance employee productivity.

Green Checks provide tailor-made solutions depending on client needs, Turnkey basis project requirement, short term requirement for Project control, enhancement of completion activities to expected / unexpected load towards the end of project requirement of specialized manpower, simply the need for third party pay roll services we offer.

  •  Field inspection of equipment, pipes, instruments, relief valves
  •  Water Flushing and hydro-testing
  •  Air Blowing and Pneumatic Pressure Testing.
  •  Testing of Motor drives
  •  Stroking of Control Valves
  •  Testing of Control Loops
  •  Test runs of Rotating Equipment
  •  Nitrogen Purging
  •  Pickling / Passivation
  •  Feed Cut in